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What’s Up With Young Justice Fans?

Okay, so I’ve been meaning to create one of these tumblr things for a while now that I’m involved in four campaigns to save cancelled TV shows (Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, TRON: Uprising, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars), and now seemed like an ideal time with the fund starting up for YJ. Many of you know me from elsewhere as ‘bluelantern714.’ With all that’s been going on in the past few days, I have had many questions, all for SMGO. Dave Coduto, the site’s co-founder, has been beyond helpful with this, and I know I’m not the only one that can say that. So now I have one final question: what is up with you guys?!! For such a positive, optimistic fandom, things haven’t seemed very “symbiosi” lately. SMGO is an opportunity. Not the opportunity, an opportunity. And we should take advantage of it. I was wary about this too guys, but I have reached an educated conclusion based on a lot of research. And whatever conclusion you reach, it should be through that avenue. Unfortunately, a lot of what I’ve been seeing is willful ignorance. The four main concerns brought up by these naysayers are (somewhat inadequately) addressed in this post:

Now, I’m going to address those issues as someone who has conducted an extensive amount of research on the subject, as well as from what I have observed over the past few days. Here’s the gist of them:

1. Warner Brothers is not backing the fund.

2. SMGO might be a scam.

3. Silence from those involved with the shows.

4. 10 million is an unrealistic goal.

I’ll add two more I’ve seen a lot of:

5. The prizes SMGO promises are not confirmed by WB.

6. We’ll make WB mad.

While I definitely understand these concerns, and once had them myself, they have been extensively addressed by SMGO, yet still people are urging others not to donate. So here’s my two cents:

1. So what? The only difference with the process now from what it was before is that the order is changed. Funding first, contract later. Yes, it’s phantom money, but it was before too. Essentially, this is a petition with dollar signs. That’ll catch the attention of a corporation better than a collection of names any day.

Now here’s why I think a lot of people are upset about this—this process is less comfortable without WB backing us up. This is a brand new, untested system, and the idea that WB would be closely involved provided an element of familiarity and security to an otherwise alien situation. I get that, it’s just that this is SMGO’s first fund, so they need to prove themselves here. This working, which is our job by the way, will ensure that this never has to be done without studio backing again. Everything has to start somewhere, and it looks like this is how SMGO is going to have to start. And we are lucky to be the ones to start it up. We have a chance here. Don’t blow it. I’ll address later on why we should still be comfortable with this, despite the absence of WB. 

2. Okay, first of all, you all didn’t think it was a scam before, so what’s the big change? Secondly, this is a very important concern. The thing is, everything is being handled via PayPal. SMGO will never touch our money. This is of upmost importance to me also, so I’m waiting to donate until the official statement from PayPal comes out, but once it does, everyone had better stop throwing this claim around. PayPal does great service. If it’s a scam (which seems highly unlikely at this point), we’ll get refunded.

3. Jason Spisak released a video yesterday endorsing this. It was pulled almost immediately. That should be all we need to know to figure out they’ve been ordered to silence, so this “point” is mute.

4. Okay, so the other points I understand, but this just makes me mad. What kind of attitude is that? Do the math, it actually works out as long as the word is spread. If less than half the people that watch the show donated ten dollars, we’d be there in no time. Now I made this claim on Twitter earlier in response to one of you pessimists, and the response I got was something along the lines of “If half the people in the world donated that to charity there would be no poverty.” Seriously? Seriously?! I called the person out on it and they responded that it’s unrealistic to expect that many people to donate. Yes, yes it is. I was making a purposeful generalization in order to prove that this could indeed be possible. Most people donate around a hundred dollars. A sixth grader could do that math.

That being said, I agree that 10 million is a tad unrealistic. But what we need to get into our heads is that that’s not the goal. The goal is to get WB back to the table, and if anyone has any better ideas than throwing as much money as possible at them, I’d honestly love to hear it. Of course, that doesn’t mean our other efforts should be halted. Now, even if it is unrealistic that we’ll get to 10 million, this begs the question what does it hurt to try?  No one has been willing to answer that yet.

5. This one I’m totally with you on. I don’t think they should be offering these packages, but I don’t really mind that they are. The amount of concern about this is troubling. Isn’t the point not the stuff we get in the packages but getting our show(s) back? Isn’t that all that really matters? 

6. You’re seriously worried about this now? After spamming their Twitter every Saturday, leaving comments on all of their articles, sending them boxes of Reach bottles and Razaya flowers, and calling them constantly? The same Twitter poster I mentioned above said that those things are “appealing” to them, whereas this is “antagonizing” them. Honestly, what we’re doing with SMGO is appealing to them. With dollar signs. As a large corporation, they’ll like that. All those other things were appealing to them in (from their point of view) an antagonizing way. And if WB gets mad (although they probably got to that point a while ago), let them be mad. We’re mad at them for canceling our shows. At least if they’re mad at us, they’re giving us some thought. And they’re most likely to get mad at SMGO before us anyway.

In conclusion, please answer my question. What’s up with you guys?! I’d honestly like to know.  

It all goes back to the money. Its one thing to ask for petition signatures, another thing entirely when money is involved.

What is it about the money exactly? You were all for it before the fund started, so what makes it so different now that WB isn’t directly involved in this stage?

On #5, the unrealistic prizes are probably what throws up the biggest red flags for people. Everything else sounds legit, EXCEPT THAT!
I don’t think it should throw up a red flag. These were the original prizes they pitched to WB. I just don’t think they should be offering them without WB’s backing since it’s using their IP and they need to sign off on it first. The packages will be fine with future funds with studio backing. 

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